Angular Site Template

Angular Site Template

Reuse the beautiful, responsive and flexible custom components we built for this Angular 12 Template. With Bootstrap 4, Angular Universal (Server Side Rendering), SEO, Lazy Loading and a detailed documentation on how to get started building Angular apps. Tons of use cases implemented the Angular way such as authentication flows, product listing, filtering, forms, routing guards and more.


As developers, we know how exhausting can result to catch up with technology while doing your current 'life tasks'. Tecnology evolves very fast and this brings new possibilities and improvements that we, as developers, should consider. This is what motivates us to build our templates and to share them with the Worldwide Dev Community.

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Built using Angular best practices

This template is built using Angular 10+ and includes examples of many of the features the Angular framework provides. Please refer to the Features section of the documentation for more information.

Angular Universal

Angular Universal handles the Server Side Rendering (SSR) of your app.

This is super important as it improves the perceived performance of your application and also provides a reliable, flexible and efficient way to ensure that all search engines can access your content.

This template includes a super easy way to set your meta tags dynamically so you can build an Angular SEO friendly application.

A project without server side rendering is useless. Without Universal you will suffer major SEO issues.

With the power of Angular CLI

The Angular Command Line Interface (CLI) is a powerful tool to initialize, develop, scaffold and maintain Angular applications.

It’s really nice to see how this tool has evolved in the recent months. It’s by far the most advanced command line tool and it will help you and ease drastically the development workflow. The Angular CLI makes developing Angular projects a breeze.

Mobile Ready

Every screen and every component of this Angular Template is carefully designed both for web and for mobile screens. 100% Responsive.

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Lots of flexible and custom Angular components

This Angular template includes many beautitul and custom components that you might need inside your angular project. The components are coded "The Angular Way" and are super flexible so you can adapt them to fit your needs. Some of the included components are:

Slider Component

angular components

Product Listing Component

angular components

Product Showcase with filters and Image Gallery

angular components

Shop Catalog with filtering Sidebar

angular components

Reviews Component

angular components

Frameworks we love

Angular Logo
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Quality Documentation:

Easy to follow instructions will make the customization for this advanced angular template simple to comprehend.

Ongoing improvement

Feedback is always welcome and appreciated, drop us a line and help us grow and create what you need and desire

Free & Useful Tutorials:

Add extra special functionalities to your angular site with our unique tutorials: Firebase Authentication, Tips for Beginners: Code Structure, among others.

Technical requirements
Technical requirements:

In order to modify the app you need to have knowledge in web technologies such as javascript, html5 and css3.


Does it really save me time?

You know how TV chefs already have the ingredients pre-chopped for them, and all they have to do is the actual cooking?

We prepped the ingredients for you… the beautiful screens, different types of navigations, functional integrations, datatables, SEO, Server side rendering, Ahead of Time compilation, and all of the usual components that you may need in every angular app. In no time you will be able to customize the styles of this angular template to match your brand and start building your website in record time.

$30 seems expensive

If you’re a developer billing $100/hr, paying $30 for having all the boilerplate and functionalities of your website seems like a no brainer. We’re just trying to save you time.

I’m not that great with Angular

That’s okay! Our Angular templates are super easy to customize and include an extensive and detailed documentation. It’s simple enough for beginners, and flexible enough for experts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo freelancer or an enterprise developer team.

More than just a pretty face

Our Angular Templates are built to guide you in the development process, exposing difficult knowledge through practical examples. Created with performance and ease of development in mind, this Angular web template is something you will love. It includes all the components that you might need inside an angular project and a detailed documentation on how to get started.

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Our aim is to help developers of different skill levels get the most out of Angular by saving their expensive time and providing great resources for them to learn faster and better.