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Angular 5 Admin Template

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Yet another Angular Template?

Long story short, yes and NO!

You may know us from our previous work at Ionic Themes where we build high quality - time saving mobile templates for fellow developers like us.

We don't strive for yet-another-template. We really want to help, ease and make your job more enjoyable by simplifying the development process and learning path.

We hand-pick the best tools available, dive in, invest a lot of time from ALL the team to become experts and then share all our knowledge with you.

Our products are not only a pretty face. They are built to guide you in the development process, exposing difficult knowledge through practical examples.

They are architected to enforce you to stick to the correct-way of building and growing a project.

We are committed to help you learn and keep up to date with the rapid pace of technology and frameworks changes.

We have reviewed the Angular Learning path and defined an exhaustive content calendar that we will be publishing in our tutorials section.


AoT + Universal + Lazy loading = The dynamic tryo

Angular ships with both Just In Time and Ahead Of Time compilation support, Server side rendering (also known as Angular Universal) and Lazy Loading modules.

The combination of those features are a clear win over previous versions of the framework.


Based on TypeScript decorators, Javascript modules, and RxJS observables, Angular has the building blocks in place.

A component system is the core of modern UI development. Angular solved components so well that you can rely on them to build really complex and scalable projects.

With Admin template you will get:

MVC Ready

Nice and clean separation

Models and ViewModels provided to easily feed your UI with data. Keep your code clean and maintainable with the clean separation provided by our template.


Full responsive + Mobile experience

Angular Admin template is crafted to provide optimal viewing and interaction experience for a wide range of devices.

Fully themeable

Full SaSS Support

Angular Admin template provides an extensible theming architecture to easily adapt the template to your brand colors and styles.

Angular 5

Angular 5 ships a super solid and stable framework you would love to work with. That stability and maturity enabled us to craft this awesome template that combines at the same time Universal (Server side rendering), ahead of time compilation, lazy loading and a solid webpack bundling config.


Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework in the world for building responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.

Material Design

Tons of examples using material design components for every-day use cases.


Support is delivered by the same engineers that crafted the templated in a timely manner.

Ongoing improvement

We listen. You have a voice on the future improvements of the template. At the end is a product for the community, we let them shape it toward their interests.


This Angular template includes all the components that you might need inside a project.


  • Lists
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Cards


  • Grids
  • Lists
  • Cards
  • Tabs


  • Modals
  • Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Image & File uploader
  • Auto Completer with fuzzy search


  • Simple and plain tables
  • Colorful tables
  • Live search
  • Filters
  • Order
  • Pagination
  • Create/Update/Delete


  • Controls & Validations
  • Extended Controls
  • Sample Layouts
  • Wizard

Top Bar

  • Notifications
  • Right side menu with tabs
  • Messages
  • Search Bar

Side Menu

  • Condensed and expanded options
  • Different states: push, over, side


  • NVD3 charts
  • NG2 charts

With Admin Template you will also get:

  • Life-time FREE Updates
  • Angular Material Components
  • Lazy Loading
  • Nested Routing
  • Modern Side Menu
  • Collapsed Menu
  • Lots of ready to use components
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Super Complete Documentation
  • Services to access app data
  • Basic & Advance Form Inputs
  • Basic & Advance Form Validators
  • Date & Time Pickers
  • Organized Folder Structure
  • SASS Support
  • Fully Responsive Layouts
  • Clean & Commented Code

Our aim is to help developers of different skill levels get the most out of Angular by saving their expensive time and providing great resources for them to learn faster and better.